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Barever Natural Hair Inhibitor 

Barever is a Permanent Hair Removal Cream and it works in tandem with your hair removal methods as the follicle pores are opened during that time which helps better penetration into the skin. The potent formula of Barever seeps into the opened pores and reduces hair growth by inhibiting the activity of hair follicle cells. Barever is the most effective way to get rid of those annoying facial hair. It works equally well on Underarms, bikini line and all unwanted body hair.

Barever Product Permanent Hair Removal Cream


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Barever Natural Hair Inhibitor

An all natural way to get rid of unwanted hair

Permanent hair growth reduction

barever a permanent hair removal cream helps in reducing the hair growth permanently

Minimize need for hair removal

Removing hair is pain and barever natural hair inhibitor gives you permanent freedom from frequent hair removals

Smoother skin for longer duration

Don’t hide your skin now. With barever, you get hair free skin for extended duration

Barever Permanent Hair Removal Cream

Permanent Freedom From Frequent Hair Removals

That is what barever promises you if you are struggling to get rid of unwanted hair permanently. Enjoy smooth & silky skin with barever natural hair inhibitor. You must be following one or other hair removal regime to get rid of unwanted hair from your skin but hair just come back!!! Be it shaving, waxing or hair remover creams, nothing stops hair from coming back again & again. In the bargain, you end up wasting your precious time & energy in doing hair removals every now and then. Just imagine how much time and money you can save if you do not have to remove your hair that frequently and still your skin remains smooth & silky!!! Try barever today and see the difference



What is it: Barever Natural  permanent hair removal cream is a scientifically designed formulation which gradually restricts the growth of body hair helping you achieve permanent reduction of unwanted hair growth. The potent formula of Barever inhibits the follicle cell activity at the root level of hair and slows down the growth of unwanted hair so that you enjoy soft, silky and smoother skin for longer duration.

What is it not: It may seem to be miraculous for you! But it is not a miracle. You should know that Barever is a Natural Hair Inhibitor and not a depilatory product which works gradually and results should not be expected miraculously overnight; therefore it is highly recommended that you use Barever regularly so as to achieve desired results. In order to get best results, you should know how to use Barever Natural Hair Inhibitor.

How do you use it:   

  • Remove hair from desired area with your regular hair removal method

  • Take enough quantity of barever and apply on that area

  • Massage gently until barever is absorbed inside skin

  • Use twice daily for 5 days after every hair removal session

  • If you use hair removal cream then use barever twice daily

What should you expect:  After using barever together with 3 sessions of your hair removal method, you will start noticing the results with the reduced hair growth. However the results viz a viz sessions may vary person to person as it highly depends upon the androgen level of individuals.

Is it safe :  Barever is 100% natural, safe and effective. The only side effect which you will have with Barever is that body hair growth will be reduced but that is also the main effect for which you shown trust in Barever.