How to Works

How Barever Natural Hair Inhibitor Works

Barever natural hair inhibitor works best in tandem with your hair removal methods as the follicle pores open during that time which helps better penetration into the skin. The potent formula of Barever natural hair inhibitor seeps into the open pores and reduces hair growth by inhibiting the activity of hair follicle cells. Acting at the Anagen stage of active growth phase for hair follicles, Barever natural hair inhibitor first slows down the formation of new hair at root level and then reduces the density and thickness of hair. It gently stops the growth of hair by naturally making them weaker, thinner and finer resulting in soft, silky and smoother skin for longer period.

After using Barever natural hair inhibitor together with 3 sessions of your hair removal method, you will realize that the growth and thickness of hair has reduced to a level where the need of your prior hair removal method is decreased significantly.